Camp Fear Haunted Attraction - Darker Days

Friday, Nov 2, 2018


Remember “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”?  Lovely tales for children, featuring a girl who had very strange dreams. Dreams populated with impossible talking animals, a time obsessed rabbit, and disturbing, unusual people.  Or should we say, for the sake of accuracy, unusually disturbed people?.

[What if] Alice wasn’t dreaming? What if her dreams opened a gate into a place where time has no meaning, where what seems real, isn’t, and what can’t possibly be real, is. A place where creatures that never before existed, have life; a place where dreams become reality and reality a dream . . . or is it a nightmare?  A place when you can choose which door to open, which path to follow and where time is confused and of little importance. But where do you go? Forwards, backwards, or sideways?  Does it matter? All paths may lead to the same place or to no place at all, or even to a place that no one has ever been to before.Take the challenge.  Come explore Wonderland. Can you keep your head or will you go mad as the Hatter?. Camp Fear presents Wonderland. Nothing will ever be the same again.Everything will change.

Come play, it’s all in fun. Nothing is real,Everything is a dream. Something or Anything may come out of Anywhere or Nowhere. Nothing comes from Somewhere. It’s all in fun. Just ask Alice. If you can find her.

Perhaps you are Alice. Are you late? Does it matter? Why is Everyone trying to find you. Where are you going? When?  Do you have the answers?. Are you crazy? All the best people are, you know. Just like the Hatter and the Red Queen.

Time: Dark to 11pm

Darker Days: Dare to come back and Try to survive the woods with a more Intense, Spine Chilling Experience

General: $20
Group: $15
Kids Under 15: $15
Can Drive: $10