Horror Fields Haunted House Attraction

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm



Distort 3D Reality: Things that go bump in the night lurk around every corner in the Spectrum of the Inhuman! Haunted chuckles fill the air when the smell of fresh victims enter the doors. Artistic and colorful as they appear,  these twisted abominations are as sinister as they come. Suffice it to say, they are not forgiving creatures! Will you be turned upside down walking through the living quarters of this upside down existence? You must know that in the realm of 3 dimensions it is often hard to decipher what is real and what is only your imagination!

Devils Pass: Tales of a pass between an alternate reality and the land of the living have been told for generations. The way is dreadful and cases of missing travelers in search of it are growing every year. They say, that the Devil himself resides within this pass and that one must make a deal with him and cross the bridge to Hell and back to ever see the their home again! Is there is truth to this tale or is it just a story? You will have to be the judge of that!

Scarecrows Craze: The rustling sounds in the corn surrounding you grow louder as the corn dwellers draw near. You will never feel so alone as you earn an audience with Ichabod and the rest of the Psychotic Scarecrows! Should you dare to press forward into this deranged groups' compound or flee into the endless rows of corn, know they are  always watching and waiting to pounce!

Flesh Factory: Think a butcher shop is bad? Think of a butcher shop on STEROIDS! The Flesh Factory runs 10,000 lbs of meat through it's operation every day! That's right, Meat, Meat, Meat! The Flesh Factory is a blood thirsty corporation that pushes anything that comes through it's front doors, wrapped and packaged out the back wrapped as a single serving! This attraction will leave you thirsty for more!

The Coven: Bonded in life and in death, this cultist group operates in the shadows. It has been said that this band of witches obtained Supernatural Powers  through years of rituals involving the dark arts! Tread lightly while passing through this possessed property and stick close to your group for a hope of deliverance. This soul sucking coven aims to enslave and corrupt! May your virtue and a bit of luck carry you through the dark powers of the unseen world!

Asylum: Distant screams of agony and the distant rattle of chains pierce the silence in the Asylum as your group walks the path of the Criminally Insane! Chained in straight jackets, locked in padded rooms, or buried deep behind bars, reside those who want nothing more than to inflict pain on others. This sadistic group loves visitors and openly welcomes them with tethered arms! Medical staff are working hard to detain and sedate the Escaped patients to protect their most precious asset. Their Secret.

The Abyss: Filling the deepest darkest voids between time and space lies the Abyss. A place where even the smallest ray of light hasn't reached for eternities. As your eyes widen, and your ears open for direction in vain, you then allow the Abyss to overtake you. Only the bravest of travelers dare pass through the darkness. Feel your way through trusting your senses as your go! Be careful, ‚Äčthis pit of darkness will disorient the most savvy of adventurers! Trust your gut and test your courage in this sensory overloading maze attraction! Hopefully you're not afraid of the Dark!

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