Saturday, Sep 21, 2019 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm


The Barnes and Noble Book Store in Winston-Salem is pleased to announce a book-signing event for the Hungarian-born, renowned author, JUDITH BOGNAR BEAN, on September 21, 2019, Judith will debut the long-awaited release of her True Life Story: "BITTERSWEET FREEDOM - What Would You Be Willing to Sacrifice To Live In Freedom? Would It Be Worth the Price?

In this true saga, from the shores of Europe to the shores of America, Judith brings to life the seven-decade saga of her family's surreal trials and tribulations - from the suffering and horrors experienced by her parents as children during the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II, when Hitler rained his terrors down upon the Jewish population, and all those who opposed his twisted beliefs, to the dark, mournful days of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, where Judith's father, a 1956 Hungarian Freedom Fighter, a man caught up in surreal events beyond his control, assumes the position of one of the major leaders of that revolt, rallying and urging thousands of his poorly-armed, ragged, fellow countrymen to push doggedly on against their superiorly-armed Soviet occupiers. Thousands gave their brave lives for the sake of Freedom in the bloody streets of Budapest that October of 1956 in an extraordinary attempt to extinguish the Tyranny of Soviet Rule from their beloved country of Hungary. 

Written as a "story," not using traditional memoir format, Judith Bognar Bean has composed a shocking true account of her family's harrowing escape from that bleak world of Soviet Domination, (the author was age two), as her family took flight at a moment's notice to free themselves from the perils of tortuous persecution during the black, mournful days of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, seeking a small, narrow bridge shrouded in the mists of a swampy marshland, whose rickety planks will lead the family into a vast void called "Freedom" - The Bridge at Andau, Austria. 

The author's family was only one in the thousands of Hungarian Immigrant families who would rather have died in their quest for liberty than to live forever-bound in the Iron Chains of Soviet Domination.

Judith's account is a heartwrenching, true story of Immigrants seeking acceptance and refuge in America, detailing the joys of becoming an American citizen, and the pain of ethnic discrimination. 

Judith's story echoes today's headlines of immigration, survival against the worst of odds, and the battles refugees endure as they face ethnic persecution as they strive to make a new life in America.

In the shadow of today's turbulent world events of Immigration, ethnic persecution, cultural inequity, and national rebellion, this True Telling of BITTERSWEET FREEDOM takes the reader on a captivating, inspirational, page-turning ride of unexpected twists and turns culminating in a breath-holding conclusion.

Per Judith, "I am the VOICE OF FREEDOM - My true story ensures that the world’s future generations Will Forever remember the 1956 Freedom Fighter’s heroic courage in their unquenchable quest for emancipation and truth, for in our remembering their valiant struggle against tyrannical forces bent on extinguishing their God-given right to freedom, and in our remembering all those on this earth who continue to fight for the inherent entitlement of freedom for all humankind, we will anchor future foundations of liberty and hope, knowing that such an iniquitous moment in time will never happen again".

Come and be swept away to another time and place where with hope, faith, and LOVE, anything is possible!

Join Judith BOGNAR Bean as she gives a live reading and signs your copy of her book: BITTERSWEET FREEDOM - What Would You Be Willing to Sacrifice To Live In Freedom? Would It Be Worth The Price?" on Saturday, September 21, 2019, from 3 pm to 5 pm at the Barnes and Noble Book Store in Winston-Salem. 

A question to ponder: If you did not live in a free country, what would YOU be Willing to Sacrifice to live in Freedom?