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Cape Fear Botanical Garden

536 North Eastern Boulevard

Mission Statement

The mission of Cape Fear Botanical Garden is to transform people’s relationship with plants and the natural world.


The vision of Cape Fear Botanical Garden is to create and sustain a national caliber institution with gardens and programs of exceptional quality. We will be the premier destination in the region for people to connect with nature and to expand their horizons through educational and cultural programs.


In 1989, a handful of Fayetteville gardening enthusiasts shared a grand vision.

heritage_garden_farmhouseThey believed our community should — and could — have a botanical garden of its own. 

Led by community members Bruce Williams, Martha Duell, and Roger Mercer, these enthusiasts came together and established the Friends of the Botanical Garden. The Garden was conceived at Martha Duell’s kitchen table, in the print of Roger Mercer’s gardening column, and with the cajoling, laughing, and crying of dozens of committed supporters and volunteers.

Through the steadfast perseverance of these founders, the Friends of the Botanical Garden were able to lease a city-owned park and lay the foundation for Cape Fear Botanical Garden, now a priceless gem to all of Fayetteville. It took hard work and sacrifice by all involved, but the achievement was undeniable.

Since then, Cape Fear Botanical Garden has flourished. Today, over twenty years later, the Garden encompasses 79 acres of pine and hardwood forest, and boasts meticulously preserved natural areas of the region’s indigenous plants, trees and wildlife. The cultivated garden areas showcase more than 2,000 varieties of ornamental plants, and include our renowned Daylily, Camellia and Hosta gardens. The River Walk, Heritage Garden, Children’s Garden, and PWC Water Wise Garden provide unique educational experiences for young and old alike.

Opening the Wyatt Visitors Pavilion Complex in April 2011 was a milestone as it elevates our capabilities and allows us to expand our ability to serve visitors and our community. 


Dr. Charles Reed

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
Great place to visit. I always remembered it as being a free venue but it now costs 10.00 for entry with the Hope's of you becoming a member. Loved the place. Will not become a member. Advertising a garden train and it was not running. They don't bother to tell you that fact until after you pay. Not cool. a lot of people were upset.

Cassandra NightThunder

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Always love coming to the botanical gardens to see the amazing flowers that are in bloom. They are always changing and worth going every trip. There are many paths to walk and enjoy nature. I could spend ours in the park on one if the benches with a good book. Great venue for weddings and other events as well. Highly recommend.

Katt A Strophic

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
Absolutely loved it. So beautiful! And the Farmhouse is incredible. So much history. And the guide was amazing. Will definitely be coming again.

Joe Greene

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
The gardens are the best deal for family fun in Fayetteville. We use our membership weekly. They have different fun and educational activities all the time. And the gardens are always well kept. I highly recommend them.

Maggie Miller

Monday, June 18, 2018
Peaceful, tranquil, beautifully marked walking trails with lots of bees, butterflies and even some humming birds. The main building appears to have the capacity to host events. Would make the perfect wedding venue for sure!

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