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11190 Fun Park Drive

Frankie's is Thousands of Square Feet of Entertainment.

Sure, we could have named it, 'THE MOST AWESOMEST FUN PARK IN THE WORLD', but Uncle Frankie is glad we didn't. Frankie's is your one stop for good food and great times! Where else can you challenge your family to a mini golf wager, where the loser has to promise not to scream like a girl while they defy gravity being hurled through the air on the Sidewinder? Or where else are you not only encouraged but rewarded for playing video games? Speed limits? Not here. Whether you're 5 or 75, Frankie's Fun Park is the cure to an ordinary Saturday or any other day


E Dawg

Saturday, June 23, 2018
One of the best places for both kids and adults. I go down there and have the greatest times with my family. Amazing to hang out their with friends and family. Good for if you want to play arcade games and still have other fun activities such as golf, lazer tag, go karts, and more. Would definitely recommend coming here.

Nakeisha Hardy

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Great place for adults and kids. Food is good as well pricey but good. Love the outdoor activities as well, batting cages, go kart, and golf. The lines are not long and the staff is great when we go. Worth the two hour drive.

rahul mishra

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Great place to spend time with family. There are activities which will keep kids and adults busy alike. Bumper boat is the best activity especially in the heat of summer. The entry is free and you need to pay per game. Also location is in the middle of city, so you travel there anytime. No need to plan a lot. Cafe is awesome and you can also plan birthday parties here. Overall fun place.

Charles Du

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Went for batting cages only, so this review does not have the information to discuss other aspects of this park, like the rides/games/food etc. $2 for 16 pitches. I'm not sure how others price, but this seemed reasonable to me. There are an assortment of bats and helmets lying around randomly. Trial and error to find a helmet that fits. There are multiple machines, maybe 8-10 total, but on the day I went half of them were locked. The first one that I went to broke during my first round-- after 10 pitches or so the machine shut down. Further tries to pay resulted in my money being eaten. The manager was quick to refund my money, and I ended up with my all my rounds, although he did not refund me for the half of the first round. Luckily there was one other cage which had the speed of pitch that I wanted. Overall, the experience was what I wanted, but I got lucky. I wouldn't come back since it seems like a gamble if this park would have what I wanted operational or not. As an aside, I have come to this park before for mini-golf without issue.

Derek Tarrant

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Come here every year for a corporate event. We have a blast. 2 bars for quick service. Nice staff who let us have a little fun (but not too much). It would be a little costly to come here not on the company dime. $7+ for one go kart race is painful. I am sure despite prices we will bring the kids up here for some good local fun.

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