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Cape Hatteras Light Station

46379 Lighthouse Road

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse protects one of the most hazardous sections of the Atlantic Coast. Offshore of Cape Hatteras, the Gulf Stream collides with the Virginia Drift, a branch of the Labrador Current from Canada. This current forces southbound ships into a dangerous twelve-mile long sandbar called Diamond Shoals. Hundreds and possibly thousands of shipwrecks in this area have given it the reputation as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.


Nick Talbot

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Great afternoon visit. Was a pleasant experience to learn & climb. The lighthouse keepers homes has great information to review before or after enduring the climb of the beautiful brick lighthouse. To learn about the lighthouse engineering mastering of moving the lighthouse 0.75 miles in 1999 is great! There is a gentle breeze by each window and especially breezy up top, hold onto your hats! Great views of the eastern most point of the OBX and of the woods in the area. If you see Olivia working, she is super friendly and helpful, gives great info and was very down to earth! From the parking lot to the lighthouse is a bit of a walk and is handicapped accessible, along with the gift shop and the cold/AC bathrooms helped on the 85 degree day we visited.

Kimberly Shumaker

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Absolutely stunning in size and beauty. The park rangers are very informative. I listened to two very interesting presentations about the lighthouse and war and just a general facts program. There is a fee for climbing the lighthouse and you have to be at least '42in talk to climb. I was able to do the junior ranger program with my too short daughter and she loved that. There is a nice museum with lots of displays and facts about the lighthouse. The grounds are well kept and it is neat to see the path in which the moved the lighthouse years ago. A small store is available with reasonably priced souvenirs. Also nice restrooms are available compared to the portapots on the beach. A great family trip!

Kaslynn Wilson

Thursday, May 31, 2018
We arrived 30 minutes after closing due to traffic. We decided to stay overnight and go in at 9am when they opened only to find out we couldn't climb up because we have a baby. You must be 42" to go up. You CANNOT use a baby carrier. I wish this would have been stated plainly on the website somewhere so we wouldn't have wasted 15 hours of our trip.

James McBride

Monday, June 11, 2018
Visiting the lighthouse was the highlight of our vacation for my 5 year old. He could not wait to walk to the top of the lighthouse. The staff at the park was very knowledgeable and kind during our visit. The walk to the top of the lighthouse can be a bit daunting if you don't like heights, but well worth the climb. Great 360 degree views even on a foggy day like the one we visited.

Caitie G.

Sunday, June 10, 2018
If you come on vacation to Hatteras Island, definitely put this on your itinerary! It's a beautiful landmark, and its worth the price to climb to the top! Beautiful view of the entire island

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