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Carolina Beach State Park

1010 State Park Road

With a marina providing access to some of North Carolina's best fishing spots, a secluded camping area beneath towering trees, and miles of hiking trails that traverse a variety of distinct habitats - not to mention the presence of the Venus flytrap, one of the world's most unique carnivorous plants - it's no wonder Carolina Beach State Park is a popular coastal attraction. Located in an area steeped in both history and natural diversity, the park includes a visitor's center with exhibits depicting the wonders of its environment. 


Michael Snyder

Friday, June 29, 2018
Had a great time camping out with my son for the weekend. Usually, booked but was able to secure a site last minute. Very clean and comfortable. Sites are spaced well so you aren’t right on your neighbor with some good privacy. Restrooms could be a bit cleaner and updated, but solid otherwise. Just be ready for the party boat cruising up the waterway blasting music after quiet hours!

Amelie Darling

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
We have vacationed at most of the south-eastern coast. We always camped and this facility was wonderful. Campground and ground were clean, well kept. Marina staff was super kind and accommodating. The gate locks at 10pm which was frustrating. I got locked out from the camp with my children after visiting the boardwalk and was 15 min late. Walking in with one of my childten on my back who was to tired to walk was hard on all of us. Would have been nice if there was a way to let in campers after gates are closed to the public. But the security certainly gave me a piece of mind. Other then that the park was fun and would totally camp there again.

Leah Boblitt

Monday, July 2, 2018
Beautiful! So many different forest and ecosystem types. Saw a few pitcher plants and Venus fly traps on fly traps trail. Sugar loaf trail is hot but beautiful, not to many bugs either. Nice visitor center.

Bethany Carpenter

Friday, March 16, 2018
This park is amazing! All the campsites and cabins are kept very tidy. Communal bathrooms are nice. There are many trails to explore within the park. The marina and other views of the water are stunning. The welcome center also has a fun, interactive exhibit. All the employees are always super helpful and friendly. The only con is that the park gates close at 9 PM (depending upon the season) and I think that's a little early, especially for those who are staying within the park for vacation. If you arrive back at the park after the gates have closed, you must park outside the gates and walk about a half mile to your campsite. This makes it difficult to have a night out, especially if you're planning on having a late one.

Krystal Mullen

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
It's a great place to camp. The campsite was clean upon arrival, and private. Close to the beach and boarwalk - you could even walk there (20-45 minutes). Keep food in containers and in your car, tent, or camper when you are away from your campsite or sleeping, otherwise the squirrels and raccoons will take them. They will take up totes, bags, and even the lids to the containers to get to the food. Carolina Beach State Park is a great place to camp, just keep your food hidden. I wish the showers and bathroom stall we're a bit cleaner, but with being in a public place, it's as clean as can be expected. I definitely recommend this park to any camper. Had so much fun.

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