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Harvested Farm Nightmares

Harvested Farm Nightmares
3175 Benson Highway

Come to the scariest haunt in Wake County! We have all new haunted attractions for the 2016 haunt season. This year is like no other--We are Harvesting Nightmares and You’re Next!

We know your darkest fears, we create them, and we’ve brought them to back to life. Once you enter the gates of the inter-twined overgrown woods and long forgotten trails of Walkers Farm you won’t be able to awaken from your nightmare!

As you enter the haunt, you’ll be chased by the undead brain-eating zombies within the graveyards and crypts, surrounded by escaped convicts from the prison, and possibly even captured by a mayhem of mongrels lurking in the darks rows of the haunted cornfields.  Hopefully, the stench of rotten flesh serrated by over-heated chainsaws will awaken you from your tremor-drenched nightmare, only to relive this horror experience over and over again. One that we promise, you’ll never forget!

Rumors have it those who never woke from their horrid nightmares are still cursed behind these gates. Not many have made it out of these gates and awaken from their nightmares. Every year around Halloween these lost souls dredge back from the graveyards, prisons, haunted woods, and forgotten trails of Walkers Farm looking for a way to escape the nightmare. But they never do, they only find new souls to take back with them. Will you join them? Or will you find your way out?

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