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Jockey's Ridge State Park

300 W. Carolista Drive


Jockey's Ridge is the tallest living natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States. Its height varies from 80 to 100 feet, depending on weather conditions.

Shifting maritime winds blow billions of grains of sand in different directions, constantly changing both the shape and size of the dune. Why doesn't the sand blow away? In the winter, the winds usually blow out of the northeast and in the summer out of the southwest; therefore, the sand is constantly blown back and forth. Also, the dunes' tiny sand particles hold moisture throughout the year. The sun dries the top layer of sand. But, just below this layer, the sand stays wet. The high winds from northeasters blow the top, dry layer off, but the wet layer below stays put.

Jockey's Ridge is an example of a medano-a huge hill of shifting sand that lacks vegetation. There are several prominent sand dunes in the area. Of them all, Jockey's Ridge is the most spectacular.

Geologists believe that Jockey's Ridge was formed when strong water currents from hurricanes and storms washed sand from large offshore shoals onto the beach. Throughout many years, the wind picked up this sand and blew it inland. These tiny grains of sand evolved into a system of dunes that now stretches for many miles along the coastline.

Long before the first European settlers, the Algonquian Indians inhabited the Outer Banks. Following its sighting by Spanish and French explorers, the ridge became an important landmark for mariners. In the early 1800s, this remote coastal area began to develop as a summer resort. Development was slowed during the Civil War, but with the construction of a series of bridges in the 20th Century, the problem of access to the barrier islands was solved. Development picked up at a rapid pace. Today, the Outer Banks is one of the most popular recreation areas on the eastern seaboard.

On a summer morning in 1973, a couple of children were playing on the dunes. When they saw a bulldozer flattening out part of Jockey's Ridge, they went running home to tell their mother. Carolista Baum went to investigate and found that an earth-moving machine was preparing a residential development site at the base of Jockey's Ridge. For years, local groups had talked of protecting the large dune from encroaching development, but no substantial steps had been taken. This destruction, however, forced Carolista into action. She planted herself in the path of the bulldozer, forcing the operator to shut the equipment down. From that point on, the effort to "save our sand dune" took on new determination. The People to Preserve Jockey's Ridge was organized. Appeals, backed by a petition, were made to local and state governments. The state's Division of Parks and Recreation was asked to study the feasibility of making Jockey's Ridge a state park.


Katie Taylor

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
This park is truly a gem, and it’s hard to believe it’s just sitting right there in the middle of the outer banks. You’ll feel like you’re in a foreign land about to jump on a camel! No, there aren’t camels, but you can bring your own boards to surf down the dunes. The park is huge, and you could spend hours there is you wanted. During the summer months, I highly recommend bringing water if you choose to hike far into the dunes.

Megan M

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
What an awesome place to experience - It's like going to another planet! This park has numerous dunes you can climb to see wonderful views. You can bring a kite or take a hang gliding lesson while you're there, too. I recommend bringing water and comfortable shoes and a hat if you are visiting in the summer.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Awesome. Beautiful views, great Surf, and Dune-Jumping! It was our final destination, as part of a Cycling Team touring the Outer Banks. Departed from Cape Look Out, riding, camping, surfing, or taking ferries (as needed), but riding the entire beautiful expanse of Barrier Islands {Yes, I know there are many Barrier Islands}, I mean The Outer Banks, giving The Great State of North Carolina the unique coastal features. [And the Best Surf on the East Coast! BOOM!] One suggestion: Go Dune Jumping! Do not do so if wearing Cycling Colours, as you've 25 miles to ride back to camp, and sand can irritate a wee bit. But the History, the imagery, it is simply magnificent! God Bless My Beloved Old North State!


Thursday, May 31, 2018
Very unique State Park. The dunes a are huge and quite beautiful. My dogs absolutely love running up and down the dunes and digging in the sand. We prefer to visit in the off-season, when the temperatures are a bit cooler and the crowds are smaller, but it’s enjoyable year round. This is a great park and truly a must see!

Nature Enthusiast

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Its definitely an experience you cannot miss out on in your life!! Don't be afraid to walk beyond the wooden walk way. You can see the ocean on both sides of you when you walk out towards the taller dunes. Its a travel MUST!!!

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