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The Rankin Museum of American Heritage

131 West Church Street

The Rankin Museum is fun for all ages. Take yourself away from your everyday world and explore faraway places and times past in our exhibits. Imagine what it would be like if you were there! Take a walk in the jungles of Central America, in the backwoods of the Carolinas, or go on a safari in Africa and encounter animals closer than you could ever get in the wild.

Compare arrowheads you may have found with our vast collection of small arrow points to large axes and learn how they were made and used. Go into the seldom-seen Amazon jungle and feel a primitive existence. Along the way, reflect on how you too could be as talented with crafts and inventive tools as the Native Americans and early settlers. Your adventure awaits at the Rankin Museum of American Heritage.

The Rankin Museum has three main areas of interest which include Natural History, American Heritage, and Native American culture spread throughout the 4,900 square foot facility. The museum was founded based on the lifetime collections of Dr. Pressley R. Rankin, Jr., MD. of Ellerbe and is named in his honor.

The museum also offers a gift shop, a public reference library, an interactive zone tailored for students, and a self-guided scavenger hunt.


Steven Ring

Sunday, April 1, 2018
This is "the little museum that could!" Its is packed with fascinating stuff about science, history and even some social things. They also have right much about lical history. You can spend hours in there. The admission is $4 for adults. I will be going back. One cool thing is an exhibit of items from Andre the Giant, pro-wrestler and actor. He had a ranch here in Ellerbe.

lynda quick

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017
I had such a good time with my sweet mama last night at the ELLERBE hometown Christmas! We loved going through the Rankin museum,they have a lotta cool stuff to see,and learn about the different Indian tribes. I'm thankful we was able to spend time together, really means a lot to me!!! Love you Mom!😍

Stephanie Wescott

Thursday, July 12, 2018
It has a lot of history but it's rather small and claustrophobic.

Stu Lasswell

Friday, Sep. 29, 2017
For little old Elerbe, it's a very nice museum. A lot of artifacts and information, especially with regard to native peoples from all over the globe. Not to mention the display about "local hero" Andre the Giant... who new?

Penny Goldsmith

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Wonderful place to see..

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