Exhibition - Crafting Abstraction

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 at 10:00am


The Asheville Art Museum is pleased to present Crafting Abstraction, an exhibition that exemplifies the fluidity between the fine arts and media associated with craft such as quilts, collages and stained glass.

 "Craft" and "abstraction" are defined at odds with one another. Craft refers to the physical act of making, using skills specific to a particular medium like cutting and joining wood, firing ceramics in a kiln, or weaving fiber strands on a loom. Abstract, on the other hand, pertains mostly to immaterial ideas. Though many art historians credit the emergence of abstraction to the fine arts of painting and sculpture, the works in this exhibition demonstrate that the intersection of craft and abstraction was – and remains – a vital element of American modernism.

The artists represented in Crafting Abstraction use the tactile properties and manipulation of materials as a means to generate abstract form. More than merely replicating modernist styles pioneered by painters and sculptors, these makers have proven craft to be a fertile ground for generating new expressions of human experience.